Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

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Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

acclaimed, beloved novelist, Tarot writer & artist of several popular decks including Tarot of the Crone (3rd Ed. Spring 2017), Dark Goddess Tarot, (2nd Printing, Spring 2017) and Minoan Tarot, 2014, along with petite, boutique editions such as Kali Tarot Prayer Cards and Dark Goddess Altar Cards: [1]

Ellen's Tarot Story in her own words...

Tarot has always been intimately connected with spirituality and magic for me. In 1985 I attended a weeklong workshop on women's spirituality. One morning in a trance journey, I stalked, killed, and skinned a leopard (to my conscious mind's surprise and distaste). I dressed myself in her pelt and I became the leopard, and lived as she had in the forest until I died in turn. During the break afterward I saw someone had round cards. I asked to see them out of curiosity. It was the Motherpeace deck and the first card I turned over was the Magician, which shows a woman dressed in the skin of a leopard. The next day this same woman gave me my first reading, and the day after that she gave me my first deck of cards. "I wondered why I brought an extra deck. I think these are for you," she said.

Ever since, tarot has been an important tool in my life, a wise and intimate companion. From 1986 to 1990 I taught tarot classes through the Experimental College at UC Davis, California. Since then, my teaching is more sporadic, although I have been a regular speaker at tarot conferences around the country since 2002. My passion is creation of the oracles. As of 2016, I've created three full size and three majors-only decks. I have files of deck ideas and come up with a set of new ones every year. I think tarot just brings together everything cool: mystery and magic, art and words, myth and psyche, fun and fortune telling. And the most interesting, wonderful people too.

Published Tarot Decks

Tarot of the Crone - Publication: 2002, 2007, 2017

  • Updated info on this deck's 2017 publication with specs & image [6]
  • Self-published, original version ~ 2002 (OOP)
  • 2nd edition ~ 2007 (OOP in 2014), Leisa ReFalo, Tarot Connections
  • 3rd publication, 2017, produced by Arnell's Art [7]

Dark Goddess Tarot - Publication: 2013, 2017

Dark Goddess Tarot Site: [8]

Published, 2013, 2017 by Arnell Ando

Minoan Tarot Publication: Winter 2014

Minoan Tarot Site: [9] (same publisher)

In a Nutshell

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has created various Tarot projects including Tarot of the Crone, Dark Goddess Tarot, Minoan Tarot, Kali Tarot Prayer Cards along with Paleo Tarot, Pandora Tarot, and the unusual Ladies of Tarot ~ Paper Doll series. Her original art is on permanent display at Museo dei Tarocchi - International Tarot Museum, in Italy.

Online Deck Images - links