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   the Online Encyclopedia of Tarot


Tarotpedia's database was for some time out of date, and as a consequence was, for 2015, out of action. Gratitude is here expressed for the help in making Tarotpedia available again for everyone.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please contact me through my contact page] (though I will take into consideration all comments, please be aware that I may not respond to each and everyone).

Using Tarotpedia

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Tarot newsletter archive

Since December 2002, a Newsletter has been produced. Should you wish to submit an article for publication, first please make sure you have subscribed.

Featured Pages

There's nothing like a good overview of tarot history to get a sense of tarot's ongoing development.

Peruse or read it carefully, print it and use it...

Tarot History Forum

For ongoing tarot historical studies, check out the forum associated with Tarotpedia:

Tarot Decks

Check out these three decks:

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