Museo dei Tarocchi

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Museo dei Tarocchi, Italy

Tarot contribution

Morena Poltronieri and Ernesto Fazioli have been working for over thirty years in the field of anthropological research of symbols, specializing in major art work and architecture, both in Italy and abroad. They have written numerous books on these and related subjects (mostly Italian), and direct the International Museum of Tarot in Italy: [1] and the publishing houses: Hermtena and Mutus Liber in Riola (Bologna) Italy.

Partnering with artist/writer and certified tour organizer, Arnell Ando & her husband Michael McAteer in 2011; Morena Poltronieri of the Tarot Museum began leading Tarot Art & History Tours of Italy with an international group of Tarot scholars, artists, readers, collectors & dreamers joining them. Her business partner Ernesto Fazioli joined in on their 3rd tour, (Spring 2015). The goal of these inspirational and culturally rich adventures is to share enchanting places of a historical & esoterically profound nature relating to Tarot. Here is a short video [2] Arnell made of highlights of their 2015 tour. The next one is planned for Fall 2017. Spring 2015 outline can be found here: [3].

Morena Poltronieri, Ernesto Fazioli & Arnell Ando also collaborated on the Tarot Travel Guide of Italy - History of a Mystery from the Renaissance in 2015. It was limited to only 100 hard copies and soon sold out. After the 2015 tour, the three of them worked on reorganizing and expanding the book with more stories, historical details, maps, color images and while making it available as both a Kindle or Pdf eBook [4] with Live Links to many of the places visited on these tours. It is also available as an On Demand Hard Copy from Harvard University Bookshop: [5] but this updated book version has all B&W imagery. The eBook is recommended more due to the color imagery and Live Links.

Check out this wonderful short film of Morena Poltronieri and Ernesto Fazioli in the Tarot Museum

*click here for video

This film courtesy of Linda Marson of [6] Global Spiritual Studies (offers a range of Tarot classes and master courses from well-known authors & teachers including Mary K. Greer & Rachel Pollack)


Ernesto and Morena met in 1992 and soon became close friends. Both are from the bustling city of Bologna, in Northern Italy. Ernesto graduated from a five year program at a professional tour and travel college, and is an expert guide, able to communicate in a few key languages. Ernesto began reading Tarot in 1989. Morena has been collecting Tarot and doing readings for over 35 years. They have studied many esoteric schools of thought together and independently. The Hermatena publishing house came into being in 2001 and has produced some of the most original and creative decks and intriguing themes for exploring the Tarot. Morena and Ernesto moved their families to Riola (a picturesque hill top village outside of Bologna) in 1999. The concept for the Tarot museum took root in 2005 and with much sweat and toil, heart and soul it has transformed from a 400 year old building and abandoned general store into an enchanting Tarot paradise, full of magical wonders sure to inspire and mesmerize any Tarotist lucky enough to find themselves there.

Published Book (in English)

  • Tarot Travel Guide of Italy (2015, 1st Ed. OOP) Available as PDF, Kindle or On Demand Hard Copy [7]

Published Tarot Decks


  • Museo dei Tarocchi: Decks & Books from their Bookshop & Publishing House [15]
  • Mini Museo site by Arnell Ando showcasing the Tarot Museum & all the cool decks they publish. [16]