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Hello to all you Tarot enthusiasts,

My professional Tarot name is Simon Bloom (aka Cybee).

First of all I hate doing this, describing myself, that is. I would prefer that people visit my websites to see my work and then they can decide how good, bad or indifferent I am to the rest of the Tarot community. I have been studying, learning, teaching and reading Tarot for nearly 30 years and still I am amazed at the lack of true Tarot professionals in the world today and the lack of understanding by the general public of what Tarot really is all about. I have probably read for thousands of people in my time and still they come to me with the idea that Tarot readers can read minds and see the future as if it was a simple and natural thing to do.

And so I have dedicated the past fifteen years putting things in perspective as far as the uninitiated and novice are concerned. I have no intentions in trying to reinvent the wheel, delusions of grandeur or even taking away the illusion of Tarot or the fortune teller, but I feel an overwhelming urge at times to just nudge things into their rightful place in the natural order of life. Therefore my dedication has lead me to design and build a couple of websites that will give a true reflection and simple understanding to those who want a truthful and honest approach to Tarot and other divination systems.

My aim is twofold, to dispel the old wives tales and inaccuracies that people tend to believe in, and also give back to the world my years of experience of learning the art of Tarot.

If anyone would like to view or visit my latest website, just click the link below -

Cybee's Online Tarot Forum

NB You must REGISTER on this site. The reason why is, that there is a great deal of hard work that I have put into this Board and in the past, I have experienced people who just want to grab as much free stuff as possible and have no intention to even contribute in any shape or form to the ongoing topics, projects and debates.

Please REGISTER and join in any or all of the topics and debates. There is NO SPAMMING by Email or intrusion into your privacy and it only takes a few moments to register. Thank you.