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The Year may begin either on January 1, as a New Year projection, or used as a spread to coincide with a birthday or other significant anniversary. Two cards are selected for each month and can be done either as a blind draw (face down), or a conscious draw (intentionally selected). Both ways are powerful and bring powerful symbolism to the spread.

We all have issues and crisis throughout our walk in life that need to be sorted out. This spread is directed at those types of confusion, however, it can also be used to chart our journey with both ups and downs represented during the year.

The cards are placed in a big circle, with the first card drawn representing the issues of that month, and the second card as the solution. These symbols are not conclusive, they do not represent fortune-telling, but rather the psychology of our subconscious minds.

In other words, we more than likely are aware of the issues, and have a strong sense of what we need to do about the situations. The Tarot merely highlights our instinctual knowledge, brings the ideas to the forefront of our thoughts, and gives us insight into our actions.

The spread just as often shows happier moments as the difficult ones, and also gives warning into the excesses that we humans tend to lean toward. The spread is not to be taken as an absolute fact, but as an opportunity to work through the complications in our lives.