Alciato on the Trumps

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A work by Andrea Alciato ("Parergon Juris libri VII posteriores", 1543, p. 72, 73) contains a list of all the trumps:

"Mundus habet primas, croceis dein Angelus alis:

Tum Phoebus, luna, & stella, cum fulmine daemon:

Fama necem, Crux antesenem, fortuna quadrigas:

Cedit amor forti & justo, regemque sacerdos:

Flaminicam regina praeit queis caupo propinat

Omnibus, extremò stultus discernitur actu."

- Translation by Ross Caldwell

The World has first place, then the Angel with golden wings.

Next Phoebus, the Moon, and the Star, with lightning, the demon.

Fame (before) death, the Cross before the old man, fortune (before) the chariot.

Love cedes to the strong and the just, the king to the priest;

The Queen precedes the Flaminica, and the inn-keeper yields up

To All; on the outside actually, the Fool is separated.

Dummett ("Il Mondo e l'Angelo") points out that Alciato's order is the same as Susio's, but for the inversion of Chariot and Fortune and Papesse and Empress. The resulting interpretation of Alciati's order is:

[0] Fool [11] Old Man
[1] Inn-Keeper (Bagat) [12] Cross (Hanged Man)
[2] Flaminica (Papesse) [13] Death
[3] Queen (Empress) [14] Fame (Temperance)
[4] King (Emperor) [15] Demon (Devil)
[5] Priest (Pope) [16] Lightning (Tower)
[6] Love [17] Star
[7] Justice [18] Moon
[8] Strength [19] Sun
[9] Chariot [20] Angel (Judgement)
[10] Fortune [21] World