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Ancient Egyptian Tarot - The Chariot


The Ancient Egyptian Tarot is a Golden-Dawn-based Tarot that makes full use of the Egyptian milieu in which its images are set. Tarot structure and Egyptology have been blended seamlessly in this beautifully rendered deck featuring mythological trumps and scenically illustrated pips depicting daily life along the Nile. The author has drawn on Egyptian history, mythology and symbolism to produce an Ancient Egyptian theme deck that some consider to 'excel in both coherence and artwork'.


Publishing details

ISBN 0850309689 (first edition)

ISBN 0007165498 (reprint)

Date of Publication

1994 (first edition)

February 1, 2004 (reprint)


Thorsons (first edition)

Element Books (reprint)

Deck creation and/or publication process

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Creator's comments

It is traditionally accepted that the Tarot originated in Egypt. Certainly, Egyptian symbolism has inspired Tarot designers for hundreds of years, and today decks use “conventional” Tarot imagery whose roots are undeniably Egyptian.

In this beautiful reworking of the Tarot has come full circle, returning to the land of its ancestors.

The accompanying book gives one of the fullest yet most concise histories of the Tarot ever written, instructions on how to use the 78 cards and background information about the characters and scenes depicted on each.

Following the arrangement of “traditional” Tarots, The Ancient Egyptian Tarot is compatible with most standard decks and instruction books making this is an ideal pack for anybody who wants to learn about Tarot for the first time.

The blending of traditional Tarot lore with the very culture which inspired it also makes The Ancient Egyptian Tarot a treat for Tarot enthusiasts and a classic of its time. The Ancient Egyptian Tarot returns the Tarot to the land of its ancestors, reuniting traditional Egyptian symbolism and imagery which occur throughout all Tarots with fully researched scenes depicting Ancient egyptian life and mythology.

The handbook explores the origins of the Tarot and the conventionally accepted view that it originated in Egypt. It examines how Ancient Egyptian legends influenced the mythology and the religions of subsequent, cultures around the World.

The main body of the book explains the meanings of each card and gives instructions on how to lay out and read the cards. The Major Arcana's central theme is the Story of Osiris and his resurrection by the hands of Isis whereas the Minor Arcana reflects the culture of the Ancient Egyptians based upon genuine wall paintings and carvings from their tombs and temples.

Creator's website

Clive Barrett


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