Arcani Maggiori di Adolfina

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Arcani Maggiori di Adolfina - VI Lovers


This unusual deck is centered on the Italian performance artist Adolfina De Stefani. Museo dei Tarocchi and creative colleagues seem to be really into performance art, as judged by their inclusion of an acting out of Tarot cards during some of their events and festivals. The performance artist featured in this deck uses familiar symbols along with her body language and facial expressions to evoke the meaning of each card in often clever ways that would be instantly recognizable to most Tarotists. The background of each scene is stark white and all focus is on her.

The backs of this deck have an image created by the artist with a dainty signature but are not reversible. The box the deck came in is nicely produced. It is a shiny black, book-style container made from sturdy cardstock that completely encloses and protects the deck. Matching silk ribbons tie it all together beautifully. The inside cover has a deep red rectangle of shiny thick cardstock which looks quite sexy contrasted against the shiny black. The LWB is in Italian. It appears to be signed by the artist, as well as the publishers, Morena Poltronieri and Ernesto Fazioli. Fans of performance art and symbolists may especially be drawn to this unique deck made with a dedicated sense of purpose, combined with the beautifully produced packaging.


  • Theme: Tarot cards as inspired by this performance artist
  • 22 Major Arcana + Title Card
  • Limited edition of 300 sets, numbered & signed
  • Semi-gloss cardstock fronts with matte backs, square corners
  • Cards have Roman numerals & are titled in Italian
  • Card Size: (approximately) 4.75 x 2.75 Inches, 7 x 12 CM
  • Text: in Italian by Morena Poltronieri & Ernesto Fazioli
  • Packaging: Sturdy book-style box, tied with ribbon
  • Backs: Symbolic design by the artist - not reversible


  • Adolfina De Stefani

The Creative Process

A brief excerpt from the artist regarding her creative process for this deck (roughly translated from Italian): ...The creation of my interpretation of the Major Arcana is primarily an existential performance through the immediacy produced by the photographic representation meant to convey a universal and intuitive logic that combines human relations and symbols for the primary intent of individual liberation... I wanted to live with this creation, analyze and translate it by means of my art, with a contextual sense of belonging to the twenty-two Major Arcana and in this way represent the tensions, needs, histories, and dimensions of life...

Date of Publication

Winter 2009


Publisher's website

  • The Tarot Museum Bookshop [1]
  • A Mini Site Showcasing the Tarot Museum: [2]


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