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Arcus Arcanum Tarot - Justice


For the Arcus Arcanum Tarot, esotericist Hager enlisted renowned comic book artist Hansrudi Wascher to create a friendly, bright Waite-Smith derivative which consciously removes all occult symbol from the images, favoring story elements to convey meaning. The title translates to "Secret Arch" or "Bow of Mystery" and its comic book artwork is reminiscent of the Prince Valiant series. Interestingly, the Minors are scenic, but the pips are placed in the scenes in self-consciously geometric patterns more common in nonscenic European Tarots. The original German set included a companion book by Hager entitled Tarot: the Way of Life. This deck is now (as of 2006) out of print in the United States.


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ISBN 0880793309

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AG Müller / Urania Verlag

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Interestingly, this deck was the inspiration for a musical created in Germany that used its characters onstage. Info on the show here...

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