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Arnell Ando with her deck Hero's Journey'


Arnell Ando is a Jungian-based, Expressive Arts Therapist who has been studying Tarot since the early 1980's. She has created 5 decks including, Transformational Tarot (self published, 1996 - published by U.S. Games in 2006 - currently OOP.) [1], and Hero's Journey Tarot, [2] which she's handcrafted since 1995. Her self-published Lucky Pack Tarot is currently out of production. [3].

In 2013 Arnell began publishing indie Tarot artist friend's, decks beginning with talented, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and her Dark Goddess Tarot [4] And in 2014, worked again with Ellen to publish the Minoan Tarot [5] In Spring 2017 they'll offer a 3rd Ed. of Tarot of the Crone [6] as a deck & book set, (along with a 2nd Ed. of OOP DGT.)

Ellen shared feedback regarding her experience working together after the first deck was published:

Partnering with Arnell made the publication of Dark Goddess Tarot possible. Doing it on my own would have cost so much in time and grief, this project so dear to me could have languished for years. Instead, within six weeks of contacting Arnell, I have: a custom website, my raw scans expertly cropped and set into perfect frames, my raw text set into a charming booklet, a cool box design, and an agreement with a printer we both feel will do a fine job, Arnell doing all the contact work required to get us there.

Arnell offers more than skilled technical support and inspired graphic design. Self-publishing is scary! You invest more than your money and your time and your nerve. Your heart is on the line. Having someone strong and encouraging by your side, who is also caring and intuitive, is like being blessed by a fairy godmother.

Arnell's regularly updated essay (originally begun in 1997) gives useful details, specs & links regarding publishing your own deck: [7]

She has contributed to countless collaborative Tarot decks, including Artist Inner Vision Tarot [8] and LiteraTarot America which she hosted, (inviting 21 beloved U.S. artists to make original artworks inspired by literature). [9] It was published by Museo dei Tarocchi in 2008. All original artwork for this beautiful deck hangs in the Tarot Museum of Italy.

Arnell has also created a mini site to showcase the fabulous Italian Tarot Museum, which shares info about the Museum, their esoteric tours, and their limited edition Tarot decks [10]. Most of these Museo dei Tarocchi decks are listed on Tarotpedia.

In 2011 partnering with Tarot Museum director, Morena Poltronieri; Arnell began organizing & leading Tarot Art, History Tours of Northern Italy. Following in the footsteps of the late, great Brian Williams, who inspired her when she & husband Michael McAteer traveled with him in 1999 & 2000 on Tarot tours Brian orchestrated. It was Brian's wish to continue leading tours before his tragic passing and Arnell & Michael keep his legacy & dream alive in this way. Here's a short video [11] made from 2015 Tarot tour highlights. The goal of these inspirational, culturally rich trips to Italy is to share with a group of art/history enthusiasts many important places of historical nature relating to Tarot; in order to trace the long history from an artistic emergence during the Renaissance as well as to explore contemporary Italian Tarot & symbolic art and related themes that continue to evolve in this artistically rich environment.

The 4th Tarot Art History Tour of Italy: October 8th ~ October 21st 2017, sadly had to be canceled (external issues beyond control) [12].

Inspired by artist Osvaldo Menegazzi on several visits to Il Meneghello in Milan, Arnell designed a site to showcase his Tarot art & numerous published decks. Over the years Arnell has corresponded with him and posts his decks & artistic endeavors on the site whenever he updates her. [13] Most decks by Osvaldo Menegazzi are listed on Tarotpedia.

She also partnered with Tarot writer/historian K. Frank Jensen (Story of the Waite-Smith Deck) [14] to create a site that shares his key contributions to Tarot over the decades. [15] Mr. Jensen sadly passed away September 2016.

Arnell has combined her studies in the spiritual & psychological realms to create a unique interpretation of Tarot. She occasionally conducts art therapy & Tarot workshops and over the years contributed to numerous Tarot conventions. You can view Arnell’s art, decks, Italy tours & miniature tarot shops, or read her various articles here. [16]

Photo: 2012 during a Tarot Art & History tour Arnell organized with Morena Poltronieri, she & the group met wonderful Italian Tarot artists & writers including Giordano Berti (Tarot historian - pictured right) at a Garden party of Museo dei Tarocchi - Tarot Museum.

Arnell Ando with Morena Poltronieri & Giordano Berti

Tarot Decks

Tarot Sites & Pages of Interest

  • Italy Tarot Art & History Tours (from 2011 - 2015): [18]
  • Boutique Publishing House for Indie Deck Artists (helpful tips for deck creators in this essay): [19]
  • Arnell handcrafting unique miniature Tarot shops since 1997: [20]
  • Also makes Tarot dolls, mirrors and boxes which she totes to Tarot gigs. A few examples can be found here: [21]
  • Transformational Tarot- (Self-published in 1996, Published by U.S. Games in 2006 - Out of Print as of Fall 2014)

(A site honoring the Tarot & art contributions of Osvaldo Menegazzi of Il Meneghello containing most of his published decks and hand crafted shadow boxes and other works.)

(A mini website showcasing the Tarot Museum in Italy. Includes pics and specs of their various published decks.)

(Designed and maintained by Arnell in collaboration with Tarot historian, K. Frank Jensen.)