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Baptiste Paul Grimaud (1817-1899) bought up the Paris cardmaker "Lequart & Mignot" in 1891. He is the founder of the famous Grimaud house that would print the succefull Ancien Tarot de Marseille.


Baptiste Paul Grimaud created the 'société Grimaud & Cie' with two fellows on June 12th in 1851.

The Grimaud company became very succesfull. BP Grimaud's nephwes Leo and Georges Marteau and Julien Emile Boudin are associated to the Grimaud house.

The Grimaud house bought Lequart in 1891.

Baptiste Paul Grimaud dies on april 21st 1899.

In 1920 Paul Marteau becomes head of the Grimaud card factory.

The Grimaud company will be sold in 1962.


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Ancien Tarot de Marseille


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