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Bergman Tarot - Death Card


22 Major Arcana Deck The creator of the Bergman Tarot, Morena Poltronieri wanted to pay tribute to Igmar Bergman; a cinematographer she idolized since she was a teenager. She long felt that he opened a new dimension within her of inner worlds not before seen, but nonetheless perceived. She describes in the leaflet her feelings that every scene of his films is like a fresco which, when combined with other scenes creates a universe. She embraced his entire body of work, but has chosen only a few main films for this project, which connect the most to her life. The films showcased in this deck are Il Settimo Sigillo (The Seventh Seal), La Fontana della vergine (The Virgin Spring), Il posto delle fragile (Wild Strawberries), Persona, and L’ora del lupo (Hour of the Wolf).

The cards are printed on textured, cream-colored matte cardstock and make a moving dedication to this legendary cinematographer. They are framed to look like film clips. The box the deck comes in is shaped like a film reel container. It includes the title card and a slice of film negative attached with the hot wax seal imprint of the Museo.


  • 22 Major Arcana + Title Card
  • Cards have Roman numerals, titles in English
  • Quality, textured cardstock, backs are blank
  • Card Size: 4 x 6 inches, 10 x 15 cm
  • Leaflet: Italian & English
  • Limited special edition of 100 numbered, decks signed by Morena Poltronieri
  • Comes in film reel-shaped box, with title card, and film slice fastened with hot wax seal on lid


Morena Poltronieri created this deck as a tribute to Igmar Bergman

Deck Theme

Photographs of Pivotal Scenes in Bergman Films


Summer 2010


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