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Giordano Berti (Bologna, 1959) is an Italian writer, historian and teacher on History of Art.

Born in Bologna in 1959, passed his youth in Monghidoro (the ancient Mons Gothorum), a little town of the Appennino Mountains. After the upper-school diploma he studies History and Philosophy at University of Bologna and started his career of editor and writer.

Berti is author of many books about different argouments on History of Esotericism (magic, divination, witchcraft, alchemy, astrology, heresies, gnosticism, heaven and hell) in his relationship with Art [[1]]. Some of Berti's books are translated in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish and Japanese.

Berti is President and co-founder of the Istituto Graf (Bologna, Italy) [[2]], an association dedicated to the research on the Arts and Folklore and organisation of Art and History exhibitions.

His experience and reputation as a Tarot Historian is renown worldwide. So, Berti was special guest at the third World Tarot Congress, in Chicago (May 10 to 14/ 2001), were delivered a long conference (accompanied by slide show) titled "The Babel of Tarot, or the evolution of the 22 allegoric Triumph cards as a transformation into an esoteric language". The conference can be read in the website of Tarot Passages [[3]].

Berti is consultant for two of the most famous Tarot editors: Lo Scarabeo (Turin, Italy) [[4]] and Dal Negro (Treviso, Italy) [[5]]. Also, he is consultant for Wonderful Tarot Art Gallery (Bologna, Italy), editor of Arcana Paintings [[6]].

Exhibits and Catalogues

Together with Prof. Andrea Vitali, president of the Associazione Le Tarot (Faenza, Italy), Berti organized various exhibitions on the History of Tarot, which were successful at national and international levels:

  • Este Castle of Ferrara (from December 1987 to February 1988),
  • City Archeological Museum of Bologna (Bologna, December 1994),
  • National Museum of Castel S. Angelo (Rome, March 1995),
  • Barolo Palace (Turin, April 1997).

With Prof. Vitali, Berti also published some important catalogues:

  • Tarocchi. Gioco e magia alla Corte degli Estensi (Bologna, Nuova Alfa Editorale, 1987)
  • Tarocchi. Le carte del destino (Faenza, Edizioni Le Tarot, 1988)
  • Tarocchi. Art and Magic (Faenza, Le Tarot, 1994).

Written on catalogues of artists:

  • Le 'Pietre di Toth' di Mirco Denicolò, catalogo of the exhibit by M. Denicolò, Moby Dick, Faenza 1992.
  • 'The Mantegna's Tarot , in the exhibit's catalogue A casa di Andrea Mantegna. Cultura artistica a Mantova nel Quattrocento, by R. Signorini, Mantova, Casa del Mategna, september - december 2006.
  • The Major Arcana of Giancarlo Montuschi, in the exhibit's catalogue Giancarlo Montuschi. Il Sentiero degli Arcani Maggiori, Galleria d'Arte Villicana D'Annibale, Arezzo, 2013.

Historical Studies about Tarot

In addition to the Tarot exhibition catalogues, Berti published a lot of studies on Tarot and Card games History for the italian editor Lo Scarabeo of Turin:

  • Antichi Tarocchi Bolognesi, with M. Chiesa and G. Crippa (1995).
  • Antichi Tarocchi Liguri-Piemontesi, with M. Chiesa and T. Depaulis (1995).
  • Antichi Tarocchi Milanesi, with M. Chiesa (1995).
  • The Sola Busca Tarot, with M. Chiesa and S. Di Vincenzo (Turin 1995; english edition: Stamford 1998).
  • Egyptian Tarot, with T. Gonard (1997).
  • Antichi Tarocchi Marsigliesi, with T. Gonard (1998).
  • Visconti Tarot, with T. Gonard (english edition: Turin 1998).
  • Tarocchi di Aleister Crowley, with R. Negrini and R. Tebani (1999).
  • Tarot of the New Vision, with R. Tebani (english edition: Turin 2005).
  • History of Tarot. Trues and Legends about the most mysterious Cards on the World (Mondadori, Oscar Storia, Milano, 2007).

Contributions to encyclopedic works about Tarot, Magic and Card Games

  • Historia del Tarot, on El Arte del Tarot, 72 chapters (Orbis-Fabbri, Barcelona-Milano 2001-2002)
  • Historia de la Adivinación, on Cartas de Adivinación, 72 chapters (Orbis-Fabbri, Barcelona 2003-2005)
  • Storia – Curiosità - Simbolismo, on Carte da Gioco e da Divinazione, 52 chapters (Peruzzo, Milano 2005-2006)
  • Tarots de Museo, on Claves y Secretos del Tarot, 52 chapters(Editorial Salvat, Barcelona 2005-2006) ISBN 978-84-471-0172-6

New Tarot Decks

Berti wrote, also, numerous reviews on Tarot of modern artists and himself invented new Tarot decks [[7]] realized by great artists:

  • Celtic Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 1994), 78 illustrations by Giacinto Gaudenzi and Saverio Tenuta.
  • Tarot of Druids (Lo Scarabeo, 1994), with Bepi Vigna, 78 illustrations by Antonio Lupatelli and Severino Baraldi.
  • Enchanted Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 1995), 78 illustrations by Giacinto Gaudenzi.
  • Dante's Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2001), 78 illustrations by Andrea Serio Dante_Tarot.
  • Ramses. Tarot of Eternity (Lo Scarabeo, 2003), 78 illustrations by Severino Baraldi.
  • Golden Tarot of Renaissance - Estensi Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2003), 78 illustrations by Jo Dworkin.
  • Bacchus Tarot (Dal Negro, 2005), 78 illustrations by Luigi Scapini.
  • Venice Tarot (Dal Negro, 2007), 78 illustrations by Davide Tonato ([8]).
  • Angels Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2007), 78 illustrations by Arturo Picca.
  • Universal Wirth Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2007), 78 illustrations by Stefano Palumbo.
  • Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn (Lo Scarabeo, 2008), 78 illustrations by Patrizio Evangelisti.

Berti is guest in international symposium and conferences about History of Magic, Tarot Art and Tarot esotericism.

Other Studies

Apart Tarot Studies, Giordano Berti wrote some historical books about different themes of western spirituality [[9]]. Here's the most important works:

  • Visioni infernali: peccati e torture nell’arte del Medioevo (Hells Vision. Sins and Tortures in Middle Age Art) (Le Tarot, Faenza 1991).
  • Gli Arcangeli: storia e leggende (Archangels: History and Legends) (Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1997)
  • Gli Eretici (The Heretics) (Xenia, Milano 1997).
  • Dizionario del Cristianesimo (Dictionary of Christian Religion) (Vallardi, Milano 1997).
  • I Mondi ultraterreni (The Other World) (Mondadori Libri Illustrati, Milano 1998); translated in french, japanese and polish.
  • Dizionario dei Mistici d’Oriente e Occidente (Dictionary of Mystics) (Vallardi, Milano 1999)
  • Preghiere di tutto il mondo (Prayers of all the World) (Vallardi, Milano 1999).
  • Le religioni orientali in Occidente (Oriental Religions in the Western World) (Xenia, Milano 2000).
  • Enoch, l’entronauta (Enoch, the Inner Voyager) (Armenia, Milano 2000).
  • Storia della Divinazione. Come gli uomini nei secoli hanno indagato il futuro (History of Divination) (Mondadori, Milano 2005).
  • Angel voices (Lo Scarabeo, Turin 2006) (English language)
  • Storia della Stregoneria. Origini, credenze, persecuzioni e rinascita nel mondo contemporaneo (History of Witchcraft) (Mondadori, Milano 2010).