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bifrost Tarot


The bifrost Tarot was designed according to occult tradition, coming together as the fruit of a long series of alchemical works. Incorporating an eclectic array of ideologies that reflect mankind's current state of spiritual affairs, bifrost is a microcosmic reflection of man's universe.

This deck is based largely on the Book of Thoth. In keeping with occult history, Golden Dawn and Rider-Waite influences are also apparent. New ideas based on some of Crowley's most distinguished admirers have been added, including new trumps introduced by Dr. Timothy Leary, and a practical system of organizing people devised by Dr. Anton LaVey. The bifrost Tarot is an attempt to roll all spiritual history and matters into one. The cards are intended to be used for magic, prayer, occult studies, divination, and all other types of rituals involving mind-expansion.


Jeremy Lampkin

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Deck creation and/or publication process

The first 13 copies of this deck were hand-made by the artist. The remaining decks in this limited edition of 72 were printed with thin borders an regular playing card stock. The original hand-made decks (only 13 copies made) are thick and glossy, and the cards are borderless. The artist includes title and signature cards, but this deck comes with no lwb and no box.

Creator's comments

The bifrost Tarot was the project that awakened the artist within me, having painted it before learning how to paint. For the price of $80, this occult tarot deck can be purchased here.

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