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Catelin Geofroy Tarot - VII


The trump sequence of the majors follows the ordering of the Tarot de Marseille, making this deck the earliest example of the Marseilles ordering. Only 38 cards (12 trumps) out of the 78 remain (Collection of the Museum für Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt, Germany). The four suits are pheasants, lions, parrots and monkeys. They copy a 52 card deck that was published by Virgil Solis circa 1540 in Nuremberg, Germany.

  • "CATELIN / GEOFROY / 1557" on ace of parrots and ace of lions.
  • Card size: 125 x 68 mm.
  • Backs: black facets in horizontal white ovals.


Catelin Geofroy: French cardmaker from Lyon.

Date of Publication



Catelin Geofroy

Deck creation and/or publication process

Wood block, stencil-coloured on thick cardboard of several layers.


Museum für Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt, Germany.


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