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Dark Goddess Tarot - XIII La Santa Muerte


Dark Goddess Tarot: 78 card deck of beautiful, haunting and powerful Goddesses which were hand-painted in rich, lush colors by the popular artist & writer Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. This deck was inspired by ancient cultural mythologies of Goddesses from around the world and shares a deep, dark wisdom of the ages. The cards were also inspired by Ellen's artist friends who have specific iconic associations to certain Goddesses and so she dedicated each card to a special person in her life that is on a sacred path.

The 3 by 5.5 inch cards have borders in a dark, neutral grey which compliment the images nicely. The card backs have a scale-like design (perhaps reptile or aquatic).

The LWB (little white booklet) that comes with the deck has a few color images along with delicious, bite-size meanings for each card that roll around the head like zesty, nourishing mantras.

The deck, box and booklet are roughly the same size and fit snugly together. The 2-piece box is sturdy & streamline. The back reads:

Dark Goddess Tarot

Features 78 powerful female figures of magic and mystery, sex and death, sovereignty and shadow.

Ellen also shares on her site:

The Dark Goddess Tarot is a 78 card tarot deck with a goddess or mythical female figure depicted on each card.

The suits are named for the four magical elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Goddesses are selected for the suits based upon an affinity for the element as well as for the meaning of the card.

The titles of the court cards have changed into labels of fearsome, female power: Amazon, Siren, Witch, Hag. The Amazon is fierce and independent, the Siren's power is her sexuality, the Witch is a practitioner of magic, and the Hag walks with death.

  • Note: This deck reprinted Spring 2017. The popular full length book is currently OOP but an eBook version is available in various formats (Pdf, Mobi, and ePub) 168 pages, with large, full color images of all 78 cards.


  • 78 cards + Title Card
  • Cards: Title above with Goddess name below each image
  • Major Arcana Title Changes: Emperor was renamed IV Sovereignty, Temperance - XIV Alchemy, Devil is now XV Corruption while Tower is XVI Destruction and Judgment has become XX Liberation
  • Strength: VIII and Justice: XI
  • 4 Suits: Fire (Wands), Water (Cups), Air (Swords) and Earth (Coins)
  • Court Cards: Amazon, Siren, Witch and Hag
  • Card Borders: Dark grey with card text in white
  • Card Backs: Scale (reptile or fish) pattern that is non-reversible
  • Card Size: 5.5 x 3 inches (13.97 x 7.62 cm.)
  • Text: 28-page LWB comes with the deck which has succinct, meaningful 3-line koans for each card
  • 2-Piece Box: Sturdy, well-constructed and featuring several small color card images with a brief description on the back
  • Hard copy book is OOP but eBook version in various formats (168 pages, with large, full color images of all 78 cards) is available


Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Creative Process of this Deck

Ellen describes the deck:

Dark goddesses are disturbing, fearsome, and beautiful. They can be shunned or overlooked, as they represent aspects of life that people find uncomfortable--sometimes only when those powers are in female hands. Powers of age and death, sex and sovereignty, ferocity and judgment. Of magic, mystery, and transformation. Of suffering and shadow.

The Dark Goddess Tarot invokes these beings, that their stories and wisdom may guide us through the darkness they traverse. This tarot is inspired by and for troubled times. Not to deny pain nor celebrate it, but to look at it with honesty, address it with honor, then bloody well do something about it.

Date of Publication

  • September 2013, 2nd printing: 2017


  • Printer - ShuffledInk[1] a Green Energy company located in Florida, U.S.A.

Additional Notes

  • A sample essay of the Justice Card - Maat from the book here: [2]
  • Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has completed several Tarot decks (mentioned) as well as the Dark Goddess Altar Cards, the Pandora Tarot and a unique Paper Doll Series: Ladies of Tarot. Her art is on permanent display at Museo dei Tarocchi - Tarot Museum in Italy.

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