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ENTROALPERCORSO - High Priestess Card


This handsome set of Major Arcana was crafted with a love and respect for this brilliant artist who passed too soon. The care and attention to detail put into its production is apparent. From the sturdy varnished wooden box, to the delicate little hand-blown glass wand made by Martino himself. The cards are printed on softly textured, cream-colored matte cardstock which compliment the beauty of this special edition. Proceeds are being donated to cancer research. This is limited to only 50 numbered sets signed by Morena Poltronieri. Other decks by Martino Barbieri published by the Museo are the Tarocchi da pranzo and the Tarocchi da colazione. They exhibit more of Martino’s whimsical, playful nature which also maintains a keen understanding of the symbology of Tarot.


  • 22 Major Arcana + Title Card
  • Cards are numbered, titles are in Italian
  • Cards on quality, textured cardstock, backs are blank
  • Card Size: 4 x 6 inches, 10 x 15 cm
  • Leaflet: Italian & translated to English
  • Very limited edition of 50 numbered decks, signed by Morena Poltronieri
  • Includes small, hand-blown glass wand made by Martino Barbieri, with inscription card
  • Wooden box, stained & varnished has a golden clasp - title card attached to box lid with hot wax seal

About the Artist

Martino Barbieri (1948-2009), renown Italian sculpture and visionary was a high spirited and innovative artisan and beloved friend to Morena Poltronieri of the Italian Tarot Museum. She was with Martino until the very end of his enduring battle with cancer. This is Martino’s final work; designed in images intended to become sculptures. Many imaginative mechanisms representing the gears that keep life in motion. Through these fanciful devices was born the fragments of stories that evolved like a mosaic and created a single work: this deck of Tarot. Each image is a sequence of the life and poetry that Martino embodied in his soul. But, as Morena explains further in the leaflet, every story has its own destiny and that of this artist ended on the sixteenth card, because he has returned 'home', the home of spirit, where, sooner or later we all return. And so, Morena lovingly gathered these concepts, making certain to keep his spirit at the center while completing the deck where Martino left off. From the Star to the Fool...as above so below.


Martino Barbieri created cards 1-XVI, and cards XVII-0 created by Morena Poltronieri, following his design & concept

Deck Theme

Imaginative mechanisms, colorfully designed and connected to the 22 Major Arcana




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