François Chosson Tarot de Marseille

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François Chosson Tarot - LE MAT
François Chosson Tarot - LE MAT


[edit] Description

78 cards Tarot de Marseille type II.

There is an issue about the publication date of this deck. On the "2 of coins" one can see "1c72". The second digit isn't clear at all. According to Thierry Depaulis this deck is a typical 18th century style deck. Others claim this deck could be from 1672...

François Chosson Tarot - 2 of coins
François Chosson Tarot - 2 of coins

[edit] Creator(s)

François Chosson: 18th century french 'cartier'. Known for having lived and worked in Marseille, France.

[edit] Publishing details

[edit] Deck creation and/or publication process

Wooden molds, stencil coloration.

[edit] Creator's comments

François Chosson lived in the 18th century. There are no writings known by his hand.

[edit] Facsimile

Yves Reynaud and Wilfried Houdouin realized a facsimile on 3000 copies in 2013 Tarot de Marseille Heritage.

[edit] Reviews

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