Great Book of Amber

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The Great Book of Amber collects all 10 novels of the Amber Chronicles into a single massive volume

The Great Book of Amber: The Complete Amber Chronicles


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ISBN 0380809060

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In the Amber stories, Amber and the Courts of Chaos are the only two true worlds; all others, including our Earth, are but "shadows" of the tension between them. Nearly all of the main characters carry a deck of Tarot cards, with a key alteration: each family member is on one of the Trumps. Each Trump, when concentrated upon by another family member, allows instant communication across the dimensions, and if both parties are willing, instant travel. The nobility of Amber (and in the second series, the equivalent Chaos royals) can freely travel through the shadows and alter them, but they cannot alter Amber itself. The Great Book of Amber, a nearly-1300-page compilation, includes:

At least two decks based on this series of books exist, including the Amber Tarot.

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