I Tarocchi dell’Iride

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I Tarocchi dell’Iride - Hermit


The cards in this upbeat, brightly colored deck, are pulsating with life. Rainbows of colors seem to vibrate with energy. These images appear to be created from silk-screen art. The cards themselves are rather traditional in concept, though the style is fresh and captivating. They are printed on slightly textured, cream-colored matte cardstock which adds to the look and feel of an enticing collection of artwork. Card size: (approximately) 6" H x 4" W, 15 x 10 cm. This is a limited edition of 100 numbered, signed decks that come in a book-style cover, that is tied with twine and stamped with the museum's hot wax seal. This charming deck is recommended for collectors and lovers of art reminiscent of the 60's 'Summer of Love'.


Claudio Parentela

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Publisher's websites

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  • A mini website created by Arnell Ando to showcase the Tarot Museum in Italy:[4]
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