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Ferrara Tarot - IV Emperor Card


I Tarocchi di Ferrara - The Tarot of Ferrara - Major Arcana Deck

The Tarot of Ferrara is an exceptional deck, steeped in the history and lore of this ancient Renaissance town. The lovely artwork was created from a variety of mediums including pastels, tempera, inks and watercolor. The cards were painstakingly produced by Museo dei Tarocchi in two versions. A large, limited edition for collectors, consisting of only 30 numbered sets, signed by the artist, Mariarita Frazzoni. And a standard size deck limited to 100 numbered sets. As with her popular deck, Tarocchi Al Top, I Tarocchi di Bologna the art in this deck is a symphony of colors, portraying characters and scenes of a historical and mystical nature along with prominent landmarks showcasing this extraordinary Renaissance village that has held close to its deep mystical past.

As an underlying theme, some of the cards include unicorns which have a symbolic tie to the royal Este family that commissioned a great deal of esoteric art during their impressive reign, including the famous astrological 'Hall of Months' series of frescoes which can still be visited in the Schifanoia Palace.

The style of this deck is reminiscent of fairytales since it was created by the well known and beloved illustrator of Italian children's books. Over the past 10 years Mariarita Frazzoni has been collaborating closely with the Tarot Museum and has made the art for two other popular decks; Abracadabra - Le Streghe Giocano a Carte and the acclaimed Tarocchi Al Top, I Tarocchi di Bologna. Mariarita was born in the nearby city of Bologna where she continues to live and work. She spent over a year creating the artwork for this gorgeous deck. The original artwork is 23 x 38 cm. (9 x 15 inches). March 10 - June 10 2012 it will be on special exhibit at the Palace Home of Marfisa Este (Palazzina di Marfisa d'Este) in Ferrara which is now a museum. Lore about Marfisa Este; a great patron of the arts and the infamous daughter of Francesco d'Este, is shared on the Chariot card in this deck.

The way this particular deck was printed looks almost as if each card is a hand painted work of original art. The colors practically jump off the page (especially apparent with the jumbo sized deck, but the artwork also looks wonderful in the standard sized version). It is printed on high quality, textured paper (it looks and feels like watercolor paper). The cards for the large (6 x 9 inches - 15.24 x 22.86 cm) version are not really meant for card reading but more as a meditation and study of Tarot; and specifically the Ferrarese ancient religious and esoteric history, including such dark themes as the Inquisition and the Black Plague. The brief information about each card shared in the LWB leaflet enclosed with the deck (translated to English by Arnell Ando) is well worth reading as it shares a fascinating history of this extraordinary place steeped in magic and lore. Each illustration depicts a historic or mystical time and important characters that populated this town. Ferrara is in northern Italy, not far from Bologna or the Tarot Museum.

  • Note - Morena Poltronieri & Arnell Ando of the Tarot Museum will again be visiting all these fantastic places and much more on our next Tarot Tour of Italy this Autumn

[1] which makes this deck especially exciting.


  • Number of Cards: 22 Major Arcana + Title Card
  • Cards are numbered with Roman numerals, titles in Italian
  • Cards on quality, textured cardstock, backs are blank (reversible)

* Two Versions Available:

  • Large Special Edition: 6 in. wide x 9 in. long (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
  • Numbered & Signed by the Artist, Boxed with Museo Hot Wax Seal
  • Limited to only 30 sets
  • Or a Standard Size Deck: 4 inches W x 6 inches L (10x15 cm)
  • With Book-style Cover, Tied with Twine or Ribbon
  • Limited to 100 numbered copies
  • Text: By Morena Poltronieri - leaflet (in Italian) and translated into English by Arnell Ando


Mariarita Frazzoni

Deck Theme

History and Art of Ferrara, Italy as Seen Through the Prism of Tarot


March 2012


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