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I Tarocchi di Terry X


I Tarocchi di Terry is a lovely set of Trumps created in pen & ink and flowing water colors. The style is quite different than Maria Teresa Monti's other deck, Tarocchi Della Luna Nuova, but captivating in its own chic and graceful way. The imagery is printed on cream colored and daintily textured, matte cardstock. It has the look and feel of a collection of artwork, and indeed only 100 numbered sets are available. The imagery has classic Tarot symbolism while also sharing a contemporary elegance. The cards are untitled but are numbered in traditional Roman numerals. The imagery on the cards is surrounded by a cream border. There is no LWB - but this deck would be easy to comprehend for anyone familiar with traditional Tarot. It is a bit larger than most Tarot decks at 4 x 6 Inches, (10 x 15 cm). The artist known as Terry to her friends, who died far too young, was a dear friend to the publisher, Morena Poltronieri and so publication of this project is a personal tribute made lovingly with great care. In case you understand Italian you can read more about the artist Terry Monti here [1].


Maria Teresa Monti

Date of Publication

December 2008

Deck Theme

22 Major Arcana deck with traditonal symbology and contempory style


Publisher's websites

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