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Postcard with new address of Il Meneghello

Tarot contribution

Osvaldo Menegazzi is the Tarot publisher and designer founder of Il Meneghello, and has specialized in historical reproductions, and theme (or 'fetish') decks. More recently he is also creating lovely hand-crafted, limited edition Tarocchi decks with gorgeous matching boxes.

  • New! Check out this wonderful short film of Osvaldo Menegazzi in il Meneghello

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This film courtesy of Linda Marson of [1] Global Spiritual Studies with an excellent range of Tarot classes and master courses from well-known authors & teachers including Mary K. Greer & Rachel Pollack.


Osvaldo Menegazzi had no formal art training. A teenager during WWII, he hadn't the opportunity to attend university. His father was an Olympic athlete and local hero. Osvaldo's great skill and vast knowledge of art and tarot history is self-taught. He has been doing art since he was a young boy with a passion that has never wavered. Over the decades, Osvaldo has published many historically important Tarots and produced the decks of artist friends, fetish (theme) decks, as well as hosted collaborative decks. More recently he is focussing his creative energies on elaborate shadow boxes, and designing and hand-crafting beautiful decks with intricate matching boxes. All these can be found on his website [2]. Osvaldo's Milano Tarocchi Art shop Il Meneghello is well worth a visit. It has a timeless, magical quality, sure to put a spell on any Tarotist. Big News! Osvaldo's shop moved to a larger, even more fabulous location, Summer 2010. The new address: il Meneghello Via Fara 12, 20124 Milano, Italy. See photos of the new shop here. [3]

Own Publications

Own Publications

Other Artwork

Important Historical Decks Published by Il Meneghello


Other Artist's Tarot Published by Il Meneghello


(A site by Arnell Ando to honor the Tarot & art contributions by Osvaldo Menegazzi of Il Meneghello. It contains much of Osvaldo's published decks and handmade art to date.)