Il Sentiero dei Tarocchi

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The Strength card - Il Sentiero dei Tarocchi


This 'Photo-Poetic' vision of the 22 Trumps depicts two fellow artists who travel through Tuscany as railway men while sharing key experiences of the human condition as reflected in the cards. Often with subtle humor & insight, the two friends journey to 22 Italian train station locations while wearing railway uniforms (one with red cap, the other with blue). These two likeable characters are present on all 21 cards. Only the Fool card, (O - Il Matio) has additional character of the Fool, shown walking down a path wearing a colorful knapsack and mismatched attire while clumsily carrying a cat. The Fool is actually played by the author, Giovanni Pelosini, who wrote the accompanying LWB (and is a well known esoteric Tarot professor in Italy). Speaking of which, the lwb -booklet which offers both poems and interpretations for each station of life represented in the cards, is unfortunately only in Italian.

A whimsical vision of the Fool’s Journey played out in this deck of scenic Italian photographs.


  • Cards: 22 Major Arcana + Title Card
  • Size: 2.7 x 4.7 inches, 6.8 x 12 cm.
  • Majors Numbered & Titled in Italian
  • Leaflet: Written by Giovanni Pelosini in Italian
  • Limited to 500 Sets, Numbered & Signed by Both Artists
  • Cards on Semi-Gloss Cardstock
  • Card Back is Reversible


Giovanni Pelosini & Santini Del Prete


Concept Photography

Date of Publication



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