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2007 bronze sculpture

International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Tarot

The Association for Tarot Studies continues the 'Lifetime Achievement Awards' began by the International Tarot Society, under the auspices of Janet Berres (former president) in 1997.

The Association for Tarot Studies is co-ordinating this prestigious award for lifetime contributions to the world of tarot. This began in 2007, following discussions over a couple of years, and in co-operation with the following organisations and businesses: the Tarot Association of the British Isles; the Tarot Guild of Australia; the Tarot Guild of Aotearoa; TarotGarden, Llewellyn; LoScarabeo; and Aeclectic Tarot.

The 2007 award sculpture was modelled and cast in bronze by the renowned sculptor Neil Barker.

Past award recipients







Eden Gray

Stuart Kaplan

K. Frank Jensen

Mary Greer

nominees for 2007

Ronald Decker; Thierry Depaulis; Michael Dummett; Mary Greer; Robert O'Neill; Rachel Pollack; Andrea Vitali

Below follows a brief outline of some of their respective contributions

Ronald Decker

Key publications

Other contributions

Ronald Decker has also been art curator (check for correct title) for the former Museum formerly housing the public collection of US Games.

Thierry Depaulis

Key publications

Other contributions

Thierry Depaulis has been a key figure in organising tarot expositions in France and in assisting the development of the Musée de la Carte a Jouer. In addition, he has presented and assisted in various conferences and events especially in continental Europe.

Michael Dummett

Key publications

Other contributions

In addition to the various papers presented via the IPCS, Michael Dummett has also been influential in establishing tarot as an acceptable field of enquiry within academia.

See also the Tarotpedia entry for Sir Michael Dummett.

Mary Greer

Key publications

online essays on tarot:

  • "A Timeline of the Occult and Divinatory Tarot from 1750 to 1980" [1]
  • Conceptualizer of and major contributor to "The TarotL History Information Sheet" [2]
  • "The Tarot and Emotions Research Project" see report at [3]
  • "Egypt, Tarot and Mystery School Initiations" [4]
  • "Tarot Tour or Northern Italy with Brian Williams" [5]

Other contributions

Besides her private Tarot classes and workshops, Mary Greer taught Tarot in a college and university in Florida and California for eleven years. She assisted in the creation of Ed Buryn's deck, The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination, regularly presents at major conferences and workshops around the world, and has participated and organised various tarot trips. She is the recipient of the Mary Redman "Mercury Award" for excellence in the field of metaphysical writing.

See also the Tarotpedia entry for Mary Greer.

Robert O'Neill

Key publications

online essays on tarot at

  • Iconology of the Early Tarot (26 essays)
  • Catharism and the Tarot (originally a pdf book, now online as 11 chapter-essays)
  • Magic and the Early Tarot (intended as a book, now online as 15 chapter-essays)
  • Tarot Influences (6 essays)

Other contributions

Robert O'Neill's Tarot Symbolism has been a major and significant catalist towards a deeper study of Tarot. Robert has also participated in various international events.

See also the Tarotpedia entry for Robert O'Neill

Rachel Pollack

Key publications

Other contributions

In addition to presenting to various international tarot conferences and events, Rachel Pollack has also either designed or been involved in the design of a number of published decks, including the Shining Tribe Tarot.

See also the Tarotpedia entry for Rachel Pollack

Andrea Vitali

Key publications

Other contributions

Andrea Vitali was also instrumental in establishing the (Italian-based) Cultural Trust for Historical Studies and Research and has been involved in the organisation of tarot exhibits.