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Italian Magic Tarot XI Strength card


This deck consists of the 22 Major Arcana depicting well-known Italian locations. The Sicilian chef is a Magician with an abundance of ingredients and tools in his kitchen for card, '1 - il Bagatto' (Magician), and for the Emperor card, he is shown before the Castle del Monte, while a lion looks towards the Roman Coliseum on, '11- La Forza' (Strength card). And of course the Pope pontificates at the Vatican on the '5 - il Papa' card, just to name a few.

The artist has a clear understanding of what scenarios match meanings of the Major Arcana cards and it's rather fun, guessing the shared associations and then comparing with the enclosed leaflet (which is written in Italian, but easy enough to recognize most locations listed also in English). A clever concept deck with an attractive presentation. The Tarot Museum's hot wax seal is stamped on the book style cover in blood red with gold dust (also on card backs).


  • Presentation: Cards on slightly textured, cream-colored cardstock
  • Book-style cover: tied with twine and stamped with a hot wax seal
  • Card size: 6" H x 4" W, 15 x 10 cm.
  • Limited edition of 100 numbered, signed decks


Terry Lo

Date of Publication


Deck Theme

Famous Italian Cities are Settings for the Major Arcana


Publisher's website

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