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Jean Noblet Tarot - XIII LAMORT (Death)
Jean Noblet Tarot - LE MAT (The Fool)


This version of the Marseille Tarot was published in Paris circa 1650 by master card-maker Jean Noblet. There is no date left on the 2 of coins, therefore we do not have an exact date of publication for this deck.

An original, and the only known, specimen of the Noblet deck is housed at the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris. In that specimen, all of the trumps and courts are present and most of the pips. There are five missing cards: i.e., the VI to X of the Swords suit.

The Noblet deck is known for the title LAMORT (Death) on the XIII trump, whereas most of the other Tarot de Marseille decks have the card numbered but unnamed, e.g., Jean Dodal Tarot (circa 1701) and Nicolas Conver Tarot (circa 1761).

The Noblet deck is also known for its Fool card that has graphic attention to detail in the private parts of the Fool. As well, the animal in the Noblet deck's Fool card appears, to some tarotists, to resemble a feline more closely than a canine. In other early versions of the Tarot de Marseille, the image of the animal depicted in the Fool card is such that there is less consensus as to whether the animal is a canine or is a feline.

Another particularity of this deck is its small size.


This deck is attributed to Jean Noblet (Paris, ca. 1650).

However, Jean-Claude Flornoy is of the view that certain cards from the deck, e.g., the Devil, World and Wheel of Fortune cards, appear to be the work of a student rather than a master. [1]

Publishing details

Original deck

The original deck was published circa 1650 in Paris.


No photoreproduction versions of this deck have even been made.


  • Jean Noblet Tarot re-creation restored in a complete 78-card deck, with the 6-10 of Swords (missing in the only known copy) re-created by Jean-Claude Flornoy

Digital Publisher

Deck creation and/or publication process

Woodblock process - stencil coloring

Creator's comments

None extant

Creator's website

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Jean-Michel David's Reading the Marseille Tarot focusses on this deck.


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