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Langustl Tarot - Wheel of Fortune


The Langustl Tarot has 78 bold, high-contrast acrylic paintings of the Tarot energies, simplified and lively expressions of form and colour. This striking deck is illustrated using the visual language of fairy tales and children's storybooks, bringing a similar feel to the cards. The deck is complete and available as of June 2008.


Stephan "Langustl" Lange, Konstanz, Germany. Born 1964. Painter, woodcarver, cabinetmaker, therapist and musician.

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Date of Publication



Langustl Verlag

Deck creation and/or publication process

2006 - 2008, selfpublished

Creator's comments

"Originaly I didn´t plan to create a deck. It came by accident. A friend of mine asked me to paint one Tarot card for the german forum. I did, and the people liked it. So I painted another one and found it was an interesting project for a painter. Also Tarot was not new for me. I deal with the Tarot already for about 25 years. So it took about 14 month to paint all the cards. "Königsfurt", a german publisher, wanted to publish the cards. But then I decided to publish the deck myself to be able to keep the rights. I´m very surprised about the great interest all around the world."

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