Lights of the World

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Silver Ladder of the Moon
Golden Ladder of the Sun

Emperor and Pope as Moon and Sun

"not only are God, the angels, planets, and the cardinal virtues disparagingly placed and named, but the true lights of the world, that is the Pope and Emperor" Sermones de Ludo Cum Aliis

The medieval theory of the 'two lights' of temporal and spiritual authority associated the Emperor with the Moon and the Pope with the Sun.

As the Sun outshines the Moon so Gold outshines Silver

In the Silver Ladder of the Habsburg Ancestors we see various ancestors according to secular rank graded up a moonlit ladder to the position of the Emperor.

In the Golden Ladder of the Habsburg Ancestors we see on a sunlit ladder various ancestors “who left worldly rank and became spirituals, thus becoming hermit, monk, abbot, bishop, archbishop, cardinal, and pope.”

Lights of the World and Tarot patterns

In tarot patterns where the Emperor and Pope are ranked IV and V, and the Moon and Sun XVIII and XIX, as they are for example in the Marseille Tarot, if the trumps I – XXI are placed one above the other in three ranks of seven 15-21, 8-14, 1-7; then the ‘’Light of the Moon’’ the Emperor falls under card XVIII the Moon, and the ‘’Light of the Sun’’ the Pope falls under card XIX the Sun.