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LiteraTarot Asia - Sun card


A collaborative deck by artists creating the 22 Major Arcana cards. Description: This collaborative deck by Asian artists (mostly from India) offers an unusual and unique perspective of Tarot. Each artist chose a work of literature, mythology or folklore that relates to a specific card in the Major Arcana. Some in the West may not be as familiar with the tales chosen to correspond with the Major Arcana, but they are refreshing perspectives and described in the accompanying leaflet. The card title, book name and Roman numeral card number are clearly displayed. A few favorite cards from this deck can be found here [1]. The artwork, which consists mostly of paintings, drawings, and collage creates a harmonious appeal that is colorful and rejuvenating. Each card was created specifically for this charming deck and the original artworks hang in the fabulous Museo dei Tarocchi, in Italy. A lovely deck for collectors and for those who are drawn to art decks, though this would be an interesting deck to do readings with as well. Specs: Cards are numbered, titled; including literary choices and traditional card titles. Backs: reversible, Card size: (approximately) 2.7 x 4.7 inches, 6.8 x 12 cm. This is a limited, numbered edition of 300 decks. Comes with a leaflet with card descriptions & meanings shared by each artist. Packaging: Book-style, tied with ribbons securely attached to back and front covers. A card from the deck is fastened to the front with info on the back cover.

Deck Coordinator

Swati Prakash - India

Date of Publication

Autumn, 2008



Tarot cards as inspired by literary classics

Publisher's websites

  • The deck, LiteraTarot Asia is available at Museo dei Tarocchi on this page: [3]
  • Museo dei Tarocchi's website [4]
  • A mini website created by Arnell Ando to showcase the Tarot Museum in Italy[5]
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