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Mage: The Ascension Tarot- The Lovers
Mage: The Ascension Tarot- The Lovers


[edit] Description

The Mage: The Ascension Tarot is a ghoulish, postmodern deck created for use in a White Wolf roleplaying game of the same name. The deck is strongly influenced by the Waite-Smith pattern and many of the images are dark reinterpretations of Pamela Colman Smith's familiar scenes; Each of the suits was created by a different artist, although the uniformly macabre, dystopian styles are cohesive. The Minor Arcana suits are renamed along the lines of the White Wolf game... Wands are rendered as the Suit of Questing, Cups become Primordialism, Swords become Dynamism, and Pentacles are Pattern. The deck is now out of print.

[edit] Creator(s)


  • John Cobb
  • Larry MacDougall
  • Alex Sheikman
  • Dan Smith
  • Lawrence Snelly
  • Joshua Gabriel Timbrook

[edit] Publishing details

ISBN 1565044339

ISBN 1565044401 (companion book)

[edit] Date of Publication

September 1995

[edit] Publisher

White Wolf Publishers

[edit] Deck creation and/or publication process

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[edit] Creator's comments

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[edit] Creator's website

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