Minchiate Fiorentine (Costante Costantini)

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Costante Costantini was born in Florence on July 24, 1921. After graduating from Liceo Galileo School, Costante Costantini went on to the University of Florence for a degree in Agricultural Sciences and Forestry. He then attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna on scholarship, and, later, the School of Nude Fine Arts Academy in Rome. Later still he became the pupil of Emmanuel Horses (Florence).

He toured abroad, particularly Paris, where in 1955 he attended a master class held by Yves Brayer at the Academy of Grand Chaumiere. In the three years 1958-60 Summer Academy in Salzburg he was the goldenchild of Oskar Kokoschka, observed for his brilliant watercolors.

He has served as a great artist, portrait painter, engraver, illustrator, writer and humorist, and has received several awards.

Significant works show in Italy and abroad, including in 1974 the International Biennial of Graphic Art in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence (1978) in which he showed woodcut playing cards he edited. Showcases of his production techniques in engraving —woodcuts, copper-engraving, aquatint, mezzotint—rank among the greatest artists internationally.

During his expansive career, he wrote over five hundred articles ranging on various topics, including erotic portraiture.

As Professor of Academics at the Academy of Arts and Design in Florence, he served as curator of several exhibitions. It was here where in 1996 he recorded an anthology.

Costantini died suddenly in Florence on December 1, 2006.