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Minoan Tarot - XVII Star Card


Minoan Tarot:

The Minoan Tarot is a hand-painted, 78 card deck honoring the rich culture of our ancient, highly advanced ancestors of Crete and was created by artist & writer Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. The 92 page book that comes with the deck has an introduction by Rachel Pollack and imparts fascinating insights of historical and cultural relevance regarding these colorfully creative people.

From Ellen Lorenzi-Prince:

Each card of the Minoan Tarot is based upon an original work of the painters, sculptors, jewelers and potters who lived thousands of years ago. Unlike their contemporaries in Egypt or Babylonia, the Bronze Age people of Crete did not exalt kingship, war nor death, nor conceive of a vast distance between Gods and humanity. Instead these people celebrated the presence of the Goddess, the beauty of the natural world, and their own sexuality and creativity. The Minoan Tarot describes a lively, peaceful, sacred, and technologically advanced society, that is no fantasy but is part of our true history.

The card back depicts the double headed axe called a labrys, which was a primary religious symbol of the Minoans. It was not used as a weapon of war, but for rituals and ceremonial sacrifices, and only in the hands of female divinities and priestesses. The Minoan Tarot image is based on a gold offering from the Old Palace Period, found in the Arkalochori cave on Crete.

Ellen Shares Details of the Minoan Tarot:

Major Arcana Many of the archetypes of the Major Arcana become more playful, more present, and more sacred in the Minoan Tarot, and the cards are renamed in keeping with their culture. For example: with images of evil, oppression, or addiction unavailable in surviving Minoan art, the Devil card becomes a priestess lost in Ecstasy. The success of individuals are not glorified but the eternal sacred story, so the Empress and Emperor become the Goddess and the God.

Minor Arcana The suits of Earth, Sea, Sky, and Art illustrate the great powers present in the lives of the Minoans. Earth shows children of the Mountain Mother, Sea for companions of Ocean Father, Sky for the Lady of Heaven, and Art for their own expressions of humanity.

Court Cards The court cards are renamed Worker, Priestess, Master, and Mistress. The Worker relates with the energy of the suit in a physical and practical way. The Priestess expresses spiritual direction and action. The Master and the Mistress cards are aspects of the God and Goddess as represented in the realms of Earth, Sea, Sky, and Art.


  • 78 cards + Title Card
  • Cards Titles: Shared below each image. Some renamed to reflect Minoan culture.
  • Suits: Earth, Sea, Sky, and Art (Coins, Cups, Swords and Wands).
  • Strength is card VIII and Justice, XI.
  • Court Cards: Worker, Priestess, Master, and Mistress (Minoan culture).
  • Card Borders: Mediterranean blue with text in cream.
  • Backs: Depict double headed axe, the labrys, (primary religious symbol of the Minoans). Non-reversible.
  • Card Size: 5.5 x 3 inches (13.97 x 7.62 cm.)
  • 92-Page Book: Included with deck has well researched details of this ancient culture of Crete which relate beautifully to each card. It includes an introduction by Rachel Pollack.
  • 2-piece Box: sturdy & well-constructed; featuring the Star Card on front (shown above) and on back, has cards with description - Inspired by the people of Ancient Crete and their devotion to their Goddess, their land, and their creativity.


Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has created various Tarot projects including Tarot of the Crone and Dark Goddess Tarot as well as the Kali Tarot Prayer Cards, the Paleo Tarot and Pandora Tarot and an unusual Ladies of Tarot Paper Doll series. Her artwork is on permanent display at Museo dei Tarocchi, Tarot Museum in Italy.

Date of Publication

  • Winter 2014


  • Printer - Quality Playing Cards [1] a Green Energy company located in Florida, U.S.A.

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