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Monster Tarot book-style cover


Description: This is certainly one of the more unusual and playful decks offered by Hermatena. Viewing the actual sculptures on exhibit in the Tarot Museum is a treat. They are quite striking mounted on the side of a tall wooden bookcase with such menacing grins and spooky expressions. The cards themselves however often seem a bit blurry and the brown & orange coloring only adds to this rather muddy appearance. The creator of this wild assortment of monsters, is none other than the father of Morena Poltronieri and I imagine there is a funny story behind the making of this crazy art therapy project.

The cards are certainly unusual in style and also as a theme for a Tarot deck. They leer at us with bugged-out peepers and goofy mugs, defying us to embrace them as a diabolical concept. This set is recommended for Tarot collectors who fancy themselves fans of outlandish, bizarre decks. 200 numbered, signed copies were made available in 2007.


  • Number of Cards: 22 Major Arcana + Title Card, Numbered & Signed by Morena Poltronieri
  • Limited Edition of 200 Sets
  • Cards are on quality, textured cardstock, backs are blank
  • Card Size: 4 x 6 inches - 10.16 x 15.24 cm.
  • Text: No LWB Included
  • Packaging: Book-style cover, with title card and hot wax seal, and tied with twine


Negretto II


Clay Sculptures of Monsters

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Publisher's websites

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