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The Moon as Artemis from the Olympus Tarot


The Olympus Tarot is a deck based on Greek mythology with detailed and beautiful artwork. Each card of the Major Arcana is attributed to an Olympic deity, from Pan as The Fool to Uranus as The World. Justice is numbered VIII and Strength is numbered XI. The structure of the Minor Arcana is as follows:

  • Chalices are linked to Places, e.g. the Primordial Egg for the Ace.
  • Pentacles are linked to Objects, e.g. Pandora's Vase for the Ace.
  • Wands are linked to mythological Creatures, e.g. the Cyclops for the Ace.
  • Swords are linked to Heroes, e.g. Prometheus for the Ace.


Publishing details

ISBN 0738702072

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Lo Scarabeo

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Luca Raimondo's Website (Italian)


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