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Revelations Tarot - Death


The Revelations Tarot has illuminated artwork with a swirling effect reminiscent of stained glass. Its art is also double-ended, with an upright and reversed image merging in the center of the card.


Publishing details

ISBN 0738706078

Date of Publication

May 1, 2005



Deck creation and/or publication process

This deck was originally titled the Adflatus Tarot but was retitled prior to publication.

Creator's comments

The deck was conceived in 2000 amidst a journey of self discovery and further education on the language of Tarot. Frustrated with the lack of connection with existing decks on the market, I decided to use my artistic talents and create my own. The image of reversals feature on the each card because I found it difficult to learn them without visual queues. By doing so I also represented the light and shade of each card, in full view, which enhanced the meaning of the card.

Creator's website

Zach Wong's website


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