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The Page of Cups from the Robin Wood Tarot
The Page of Cups from the Robin Wood Tarot


[edit] Description

The Robin Wood Tarot is a deck based strongly on the Waite-Smith pattern incorporating significant Pagan symbolism. It uses the standard Waite-Smith ordering of the Major Arcana, with a fully illustrated Minor Arcana, and is coloured with Prismacolor pencils that give the deck a bold, vibrant look. Some card images have been changed significantly so as to fit the deck's intended audience better: the Judgement card, for instance, no longer depicts the Christian Judgment Day but instead portrays a woman rising naked from a flaming cauldron, surrounded by a phoenix.

A book is also available for this deck, though the two are not published as a set:

[edit] Creator

Wood, Robin

[edit] Publishing details

ISBN 0875428940

[edit] Date of Publication


[edit] Publisher

Llewellyn Publications

[edit] Deck creation and/or publication process

Prismacolor pencils.

[edit] Creator's comments

To be added.

[edit] Creator's website

Robin Wood's Website

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