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Sunrise Tarot - XVII Star Card


Sunrise & Sunset Tarot - Two Major Arcana Decks

The theory behind this unusual surreal Tarot is that when combined, these two decks offer dimensional readings which focus on the more mystical, mysterious periods of day, Sunrise and Sunset. From obscurities of darkness at dusk to brightened prospects by dawn. If one needs to know the outcome of a new project, refer to the Sunrise Tarot. Otherwise, to understand, for example, how to detach from an issue or turn it into opportunity, working with the Sunset Tarot would be better. To recognize both aspects and gain more depth and perspective, the two decks work best together.

Description from accompanying leaflet

Sunrise Tarot: Because each card begins to brighten one’s view until everything becomes clearer, so that wisdom can follow understanding...

Sunset Tarot: Because the approach of nightfall brings attention to the hidden nature of darkness...

Artist: Giovanni Monti

Also created by Giovanni Monti and published by Museo dei Tarocchi is the popular Tarocchi del Respiro from 2006 (a decade earlier), which is limited to 500 signed & numbered Trump decks. Monti is a painter, photographer and video artist who manages the exhibition space 'Fantomars' in Bologna (Italy). He also writes a popular art blog. The original collage artworks for Sunrise and Sunset are on permanent exhibit at Museo dei Tarocchi.


  • Standard Size Deck: 14 x 9.5 cm, (5.5 Inch Long by 3.75" Wide)
  • Number of Cards: 44 (2 Sets of Majors) + Title Cards
  • Majors are Numbered But Untitled
  • Cards: Sunrise Deck has Light Border, Sunset has Dark
  • Leaflet: Written by Artist Giovanni Monti (English: Arnell Ando)
  • Standard Set Limited to 100, Numbered & Signed by Artist
  • Cards on Semi-Gloss Cardstock
  • Card Back Design: Not Reversible

  • Very Limited Delux Version also Available:
  • Comes in Wooden Box with Title Cards & Museo Hot Wax Seal on Top
  • Limited to Only 30 Sets, Numbered & Signed by Artist, Giovanni Monti
  • Includes 20 Postcards + Any 1 Print from SUNRISE or SUNSET TAROT
  • Size: 9.25" H x 6.25" W (23.5 x 15.9 cm)

Deck Theme

  • Surreal Collage


  • Spring 2016


Publisher's website

  • Museo dei Tarocchi Bookshop:[1]
  • Additionally: Arnell's Mini Site: Write-ups w/pics of Tarot Museum's Decks & Books (in English): [2]


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