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TAROCCHI eVoluti - 16 The Tower


This long, slender deck hosts a variety of art mediums and styles presented by 22 international artists, including sculptures, paintings, collage and photography. An expressive deck sure to inspire artists and collectors and those searching for a creative vision of the Major Arcana. Unfortunately I can not read the book (in Italian) which has large examples of all the cards (B&W) with detailed descriptions, card interpretations and a brief history of the Tarot, but numbered (200) copies of the deck are also sold independent of the book. This is lovely collection of Tarot art cards. Most of the cards are either titled or numbered. Card backs: Reversible (purple and orange design). Card size: (approximately) 8" H x 2.75" W, 20 x 7 cm. Limited edition of 1000 Deck & Book Sets. Also available as a limited edition deck (of 200, numbered.)


22 International Artists: Marcantonio Bibbiani, Giuseppe Billoni, Marina Falco, Ernesto Fazioli, Claudio Scaranari, Claudio Parentela, Matteo Arfanotti, Tiziana Bertacci, Ornella Lamberti, Jari Casagrande, Paolo G. Conti, Jessica Angiulli, Renato Meneghetti, Annamaria Gelmi, Sara Rotta Loria, Flavio Bertozzi, Morena Poltronieri, Chiara D’Agostino, Octavia Monaco, Annamaria Gioia Giorio, Barbieri Calori martino, Elisabeth Frolet, and Testi di Francesco Faraoni

Date of Publication


Deck Theme

Collaborative - various mediums


Publisher's websites

  • TAROCCHI eVoluti (Tarot Evolution) is available at Museo dei Tarocchi on this page:[2]
  • Museo dei Tarocchi Website [3]
  • A mini website created by Arnell Ando to showcase the Tarot Museum in Italy[4]
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