Tarocchi Al Top, I Tarocchi di Bologna

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Tarocchi Al Top, I Tarocchi di Bologna - Hierophant


22 Major Arcana Deck Tarocchi Al Top, I Tarocchi di Bologna - (Magic Bologna ‘Al Top’ Tarot), is a beautifully made deck, rich with history and symbolic detail, produced by Museo dei Tarocchi. A very limited edition is offered, consisting of only 30 numbered sets, signed by the artist, Mariarita Frazzoni, a well known and beloved illustrator of children's books in Italy. A more affordable, regular sized version of this deck is now available, due to popular demand. The art in this deck is a symphony of colors, crowded scenes of characters and prominent landmarks showcasing this extraordinary city that has held tight to its deep roots to the past.

As an underlying theme, the cards are populated by little mice that add humor and charm to the more serious, historical nature of the deck. The Death card has a mischievous looking cat enjoying a deadly game of cat and mouse. 'Al Top', found in the title of this deck means 'on top' in Italian but also refers to mouse.

The way this particular deck was printed looks almost as if each card is a hand painted work of original art; the colors practically jump off the page (especially apparent with the jumbo sized deck, but also looks great in the regular sized version). It is printed on high quality, textured paper (it looks and feels like watercolor paper). The cards for the extra large (6 x 9 inches - 15.24 x 22.86 cm) version are probably not meant for actual card reading but more as a meditation and study of Tarot, specifically Bolognian ancient esoteric and Tarot history. An English version of the LWB is available and well worth reading as it shares a fascinating history of the city of Bologna steeped in magic and lore. Bologna is in northern Italy and is the larger county in which the Tarot Museum resides. A series of tours throughout the city were made in order to research and discover the mysteries and magic of the distant past. Each illustration depicts a magical place set in the Middle Ages of Bologna. The art style is reminiscent of fairytales since that is the style associated with this famous Italian illustrator, Mariarita Frazzoni. The paintings were created using a variety of mediums including pastels, inks and watercolor, resulting in a richly colorful deck, playful in nature while also relaying a fascinating and factual account of ancient Bologna.

The larger version of this deck (limited to only 30 sets) comes in a wooden box which slides open. The top of the box is collaged with a smaller version of the title card, fastened onto dyed papers and secured with the Museo’s signature hot wax seal. The deck comes nestled securely in the box with netting. There is a wood burning of the Museo’s logo on the box. The other (4 x 6 inches - 10 x 15 cm) version of the deck, (limited to 300 signed & numbered copies) comes in a book-style cover, tied with twine. It is also printed on slightly textured off-white cardstock. Both versions have blank backs and either is an exceptional collector’s deck and a truly remarkable view into the long Italian lineage of Tarot.


  • Number of Cards: 22 Major Arcana + Title Card, Numbered & Signed by the Artist
  • Cards have Roman numerals & are titled in Italian with landmarks in English
  • Cards are on quality, textured cardstock, backs are blank
  • Card Size for the Jumbo version: 6 x 9 inches, 15.24 x 22.86 cm
  • Card Size for the Regular version: 4 x 6 inches, 10 x 15 cm
  • Text: LWB (an English version of the leaflet is available)
  • A very limited edition of only 30 sets are available for the Jumbo version
  • The regular card size version is limited to 300 sets
  • Packaging: Wooden box, with Title card, handmade papers and hot wax seal for the Jumbo set
  • Packaging: The regular size deck comes in a book-style cover, tied with twine.


Mariarita Frazzoni - She also created the deck, Abracadabra - Le Streghe Giocano a Carte

Deck Theme

Paintings of historical scenes of Bologna as related to Tarot

Date of Publication



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