Tarocchi Dell'Archetipo Blu

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Tarocchi Dell'Archetipo Blu - Lovers Card


22 Major Arcana Deck Tarocchi Dell'Archetipo Blu (Blue Archetype Tarot) is the latest deck by the wildly creative artist of I Tarocchi dell’Iride (Tarot of the Rainbow). It is a kaleidoscope of fragmented personas as viewed through the lens of the 22 Major Arcana archetypes. Though the art is a bit jarring at times, it maintains a playful, yet distorted exploration into the colorful prism of the psyche. A translation of the Italian text would have been helpful, but even so, a visceral familiarity with the jumbled, complex experience of contemporary life is profoundly felt while meditating with this deck.


  • Number of Cards: 22 Major Arcana + Title Card
  • Cards have Roman numerals & are titled in English
  • Cards are on quality, textured cardstock, backs are blank
  • Card Size: 4 x 6 inches, 10 x 15 cm
  • Text: LWB (leaflet in Italian)
  • A limited edition of 100 decks, numbered & signed by the editor
  • Book-style Cover Tied with Ribbon and Title Card Stamped with Hot Wax Seal


Claudio Parentela - She also created the deck, I Tarocchi dell’Iride

Deck Theme

Handmade Collages of Fragmented Archetypes


Summer 2010


Publisher's websites

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  • A mini website created by Arnell Ando to showcase the Tarot Museum in Italy:[4]
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