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Tarocchi Gastronomici - Magician


This deck is lovingly dedicated to the Italian culture of cuisine; specifically the various kinds of pasta and the cooking utensils used to prepare them. It has an appetizing presentation, from the book-style cover, tied with matching ribbon, to the artfully illustrated, consistently appealing images displayed on cream colored, matte paper. It has the look and feel of a culinary collection of artworks. Details: This set is presented in a book-style cover, tied with twine, with an inner slip-cover. There is a title card on the front (museum logo stamped on back & inner sleeve). The set includes an additional title card. Cards are titled (in Italian). Card backs are attractive but not quite centered and therefore not reversible. A very limited edition of 100 decks.


Artist: Claudia Chiodi, Artistic Concept by: Silverio Cineri


Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Deck Theme

Various Italian Pastas & Cooking Tools


Publisher's websites

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