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Tarocchi di Bologna XV Devil


Tarocchi di Bologna: Back in 1986, Tarocchi di Bologna AKA: Tarocco di 78 Carte Bologna was reprinted with great care by Il Meneghello, but sadly that version is out of print. Osvaldo Menegazzi however, has given his warm blessings for Hermatena (Museo dei Tarocchi) to reproduce this special, limited edition of only 100 numbered copies in their own unique fashion. The card images are much larger than any other available version of this lovely deck: 7.5 x 3.75 inches, and are mounted onto colored cardstock. I wonder if this set was perhaps intended as a tool for ritual, meditation and teaching; not so much for reading the cards with, but rather more for studying their ancient symbology and contemplating the subtle nuances that such a large size makes possible. The title card is fastened on top of the ribbed, corrugated box, along with the Tarot Museum's hot wax seal.

This deck is such a delicate beauty and remains a favorite. The softly muted watercolors on matte cardstock has an appealing vintage look. Back in the day, publishing houses that printed Tarot & playing cards in other parts of Italy would often describe their products as in the style of Bologna, indicating a high level of quality and bravura. This elegant reproduction of the 18th Century, Tarocchi di Bologna by Giacomo Zoni is in keeping with that long tradition of an impressive card printing production, while also having the distinction of being republished in the historical province of Bologna where it came from originally.


  • Number of Cards: 22 Major Arcana + Title Card
  • Cards have Roman numerals & are titled in French
  • Cards are on colored cardstock, backs are blank
  • Extra Large Card Size: 7.25 x 3.75 inches (18.5 x 9.5 cm.)
  • Text: NO LWB
  • A special edition of 100 decks, numbered & signed by the editor
  • Posted on big, blue backing: 9 x 6 inches (23 x 15 cm.)
  • Box: ribbed, corrugated w/ side clasp; Title Card attached w/ hot wax seal


Originally Created by Giacomo Zoni, 1780

Deck Theme

Marseilles Style Tarot from the XVIII Century, Bologna




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