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Tarocchi di Lisbona - XVII Star


This deck was created by the co-founder and director of Museo dei Tarocchi, Morena Poltronieri. She expresses her keen understanding of the cards by way of a wide variety of styles that are mainly created from collage. A few of the cards incorporate images from the Marseilles (18th Century French) deck into their settings. The card images are surrounded by a light border and the deck is printed on textured quality paper with blank backs. This is a small production of only 100 signed and numbered decks (offered in two sizes), presented in an attractive book-style sleeve cover, which may appeal to collectors. The set includes a title card with brief descriptions (in Italian) of settings & inspirations. Cards are numbered & titled (in Italian). Card size version 1: (approximately) 4 x 6 inches, 10 x 15 cm, Card size larger version 2: 5.9 x 7.85 inches, 15 x 20 cm.


Morena Poltronieri

Date of Publication


Deck Theme

Mixed Media


Publisher's websites

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  • Museo dei Tarocchi Website [3]
  • A mini website created by Arnell Ando to showcase the Tarot Museum in Italy[4]
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