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Robert O'Neill
Tarot Symbolism

The following is a list of Tarot Books divided by their subjects. In addition, there are 3 alternate ways to locate a book:

Tarot Books: Classics

Books on tarot that have become classics and key texts.

Tarot Books: Deck Companions

Books written to accompany a specific deck, including subsections for Waite-Smith Companions and Crowley-Harris Thoth Companions.

Tarot Books: Disciplines

Books relating Tarot to a various other disciplines arranged according to the following subdivisions:

Tarot Books: Fiction

Tarot Books: History & Theory

Histories, both speculative and substantive, about the origins and development of Tarot over the centuries, including biographies of important figures.

Tarot Books: Introductions

Books that are primarily an organized set of meanings with a brief introduction to using the cards. These present an overview for the beginner, the dabbler, and the curious.

Tarot Books: Reference

Guides, dictionaries, and encyclopedias related to Tarot and its use.

Tarot Books: Secular

The pragmatist’s Tarot bookshelf. These are books that make minimal use of occult study or esoteric symbolism in their treatment of Tarot.

Tarot Books: Special Topics

Books that support in-depth study of specific topics within the field of Tarot, including the following subdivisions:

Tarot Books: Study Guides

Texts presenting a curriculum that serves as a solid introduction to the study and practice of Tarot, pointing towards further investigation and research...

Tarot Books: Youth

Books written with young readers in mind, often tailored to the issues, concerns, and questions that they bring to their experience of the Tarot.

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Tarot books written after 1900 appearing in languages other than English (even if translated from the English) appear in the following areas:

Tarot Books in languages other than English