Tarot Christmas Tree Postcard Mail Art Project

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Tarot X-mas Postcard Project - XIV by Louise Heroux



  • Most postcards have the Roman numeral and/or title of the chosen Major Arcana
  • Postcards printed on quality, textured cardstock
  • Backs have area on right side designated for address and stamp, with project title & artist info in upper left corner
  • Card size: 10.5 x 15 cm - 4.1 x 5.9 inches
  • Total number of postcard contributions: 50 (4 different combo packs available)
  • Circulation limited to 300 copies (except for one very special edition, limited to 4 sets)
  • Packaging: Book-style cover tied with twine, with title card attached to front

Details: The Tarot Christmas Tree Postcard Mail Art Project concept was originally conceived of by Morena Poltronieri and Ernesto Fazioli of the Tarot Museum (Italy) in 2007, with specific details refined by the project host K. Frank Jensen (Denmark), a man well known and respected for decades in both Tarot and Mail Art circles. Having much experience with hosting international Mail Art projects, Jensen could draw upon his long list of potential contributors (particularly those having some knowledge of Tarot) as well as his organizational skills in forming and guiding the project to completion. Jensen was considered the ideal candidate for this special project and so after some initial hesitation Jensen accepted the challenge and ended up doing an admirable job with it. Jensen has been hosting and contributing to Mail Art projects since they were in their heyday, and has been known to reminisce about how fun they used to be, before the internet changed everything.

K. Frank Jensen [1] posted his summation of this project as well as all the artists involved and their artwork in a PDF file [2] on his website. Details about the project can also be found on this page on the Museum site [3] which includes notes by Jensen, and it lists each artist with a link to sample(s) of their contributions (and if they have contributed to other Museo projects, such will be included on their individual webpage along with their art CV or Bio).

This is certainly an eclectic collection of Christmassy Tarot art, from the very detailed and colorful, to stark B&W and rudimentary styles; the project encompasses the full range and has a very international flavor. 29 artists are listed from 10 countries (Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States). In a few cases a limited grasp of English caused an artist to contribute art that did not follow the guidelines set by the project. Whenever possible Jensen hazard a guess as to which Major Arcana these wayward few meant to contribute, but alas, there is the rare piece beyond comprehension. Much of the art is wonderful. For the most part the artwork consists of digital art, handmade collage, pen & ink drawings, hand colored drawings, embroidery and rubberstamp art.

A highlight of this project is by contributor Louise Heroux (Canada), who shared 15 artworks in a complimentary collage style that is really exceptional (one of her cards is shown on this Tarotpedia page).

It is unusual to find Tarot Christmas cards (when was the last time you found any at the stationary store while looking through the stacks of holiday card box sets?!) So this is a festive treat.

Contributing Artists and Country of Origin: A.D. Eker (the Netherlands), Anna Boschi (Italy), Annette W. (USA), Angela Behrend (Germany), Antonio Sassu (Italy), Arnell Ando (USA), Aunty A., (UK), Claudio Parentela (Italy), David Dellafiora (Australia), Dennis Charmot (France), Giancarlo Pucci (Italy), Keiichi Nakamura (Japan) K. Frank Jensen (Denmark), Henning Mittendorf (Germany), Joe Decie (UK), John M. Bennet (USA), Jurgen O. Olbrich (Germany), Karl-Friedrich Hacker (Germany), Keith Bates (UK), Leslie Cochran (USA), Louise Heroux (Canada), Magda Lagerwerf (the Netherlands), Melanie J. Cook (Australia), Nina Bogin (USA), Roland Halbritter (Germany), Schoko Casana Rosso (Germany), Stradada (Italy), Vittore Baroni (Italy), Zav, (France)


A Collaborative Mail Art project by Museo dei Tarocchi and hosted by K. Frank Jensen

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Deck Theme

Unique Tarot Christmas postcards by international mail artists


Publisher's websites

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