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The Chariot  The Tarot of Prague - 2004
The Chariot
The Tarot of Prague - 2004


[edit] Tarot Decks in Alphabetical Order

A list of all articles that have been categorised as Tarot Decks pages (which includes all tarot decks) can also be viewed alphabetically by going to:

[edit] Historical Tarot Decks by Date

[edit] Tarot Decks by Pattern

[edit] Tarot Decks by Characteristics

[edit] Tarot Decks by Theme

[edit] Animals, Plants and Minerals

[edit] Art Themes

[edit] Esoterica

[edit] Mythological and supernatural beings

[edit] Peoples and Places (Past and Present)

[edit] Perspectives

[edit] Religions and mythology

For regional mythologies, see also the links listed above under People and Places (Past and Present)

See article The Classification of Tarot Designs by Tom Tadfor Little

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