Tarot Decks: Occult and Hermetic

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17 Les Étoiles card from the Oswald Wirth deck, 1927

Alchemy-oriented Designs

Astro-Numerological or Numerological Designs

European Occult Designs

See also Tarot Decks: Egyptian for Etteilla and Falconnier/Wegener

Golden Dawn and GD Influenced Designs

Decks modelled after Golden Dawn 'inner-order' decks

The Lovers card from the Golden Dawn Tarot deck by Robert Wang, based on the Golden Dawn's inner-order deck-design. The card is based on the legend of Perseus and Andromeda; it depicts the attempted sacrifice of Andromeda.

Decks by former Golden Dawn members

Decks by Golden Dawn offshoot organizations

Decks showcasing Golden Dawn correspondences

Decks with strong Golden Dawn influence

Hermetic Oriented Designs

Masonic symbolism decks

Pythagorean deck

Other Occult-based Designs

The Fool card from the Kazanlar Tarot

Decks inspired by the tarot writings of Eudes Picard

Designs with mixed occultist influence

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