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Historical Tarot Study

Sites dedicated to historical research

  • Andy's Playing Cards Andy's Playing Cards is one of the oldest and most respected Tarot History sites on the web. The site explores regional tarots, Mulûk playing cards, the Visconti tarot, the Tarot of Marseille and much more.
  • Carte da Trionfi Michael’s Tarot Notebook: Essays on a Late-Medieval Artifact. A site primarily about the allegorical meaning of the game of Tarot. His Tarot history lists offer an invaluable resource to historical studies.
  • [1]Tarots - History Art and Magic : International Exhibitions by Pr Andrea VITALI
  • Trionfi.com A site dedicated to the early history of Tarot Cards, with an emphasis on the courts of Milan and Ferrara. This site has many historians working together to discover the origins of Tarot Cards. There is also a French-language version of this site.
  • Villa RevakJames W. Revak's Tarot Site with lots of informaton about Tarot History, including essays on Etteilla. His "Three Parallel Traditions" page compares the divinatory meaning of Waite, Mathers, and Etteilla.
  • http://www.bacchos.org Origines orphico-dionysiaques et pythagoriciennes de l'iconographie du tarot de Marseille, par Daimonax (Fr).

Significant pages on tarot history

  • Tarot Essays Ross G. Caldwell's personal Tarot history site.
  • jmd's four hares site Personal pages on Tarot history and relationship to mediaeval religious stone carvings.