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The Tarot of the Yellow Vortex - IV Emperor


The Tarot of the Yellow Vortex - 22 Major Arcana shows again how this versatile artist can express himself in contrasting styles while remaining true to himself and still full of intensity no matter the medium. From the colorful and joyful I Tarocchi dell’Iride (Tarot of the Rainbow) to the playful collages of Tarocchi Dell'Archetipo Blu (Blue Archetype Tarot); Claudio Parentela's latest endeavor is something affectingly referred to as, the Divine Doodles Deck. He hides symbolic nuances within elaborate designs created with Indian ink.

In the leaflet that accompanies the deck, Parentela expresses thoughts on each of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards in abstract English, not quite poetry but which; if one sat with it long enough; may begin to make the sort of sense that a stream of consciousness has been known to do. The text is in all caps, in short, succint descriptions that seem to be fragments of fleeting thoughts or images dug up from a fuzzy dream state (or a case of the Google translator gone awry). One example of the text along with the matching card is shared on this page:


This Trump set comes on a bed of straw in a stained wooden box with golden clasps; which is both a nice presentation and should prove to keep the deck protected. The box lid has the title card stamped with the Museum's official hot wax seal. The box contains the title card, signed & numbered by publisher, Morena Poltronieri; along with the Yellow Vortex 22 trumps and a double-sided insert, (written by the artist with abstract descriptions of the cards).

Artist's Creative Process in His Own Words...

I love the tarot... my love began a long time ago ... I don’t know how or when ... I love the absolute opposites, the sharp contrasts, twisted, blurred into a thousand schizophrenics streams, great, small, indecipherable, innocent, guilty ... immediate, impulsive, arcane, anarchic, rebellious.

I love the Black Indian ink ... the white and the black; the knots of my soul …that I have woven with infinite impatience and that I have never allowed anyone to violate nor to understand.

I'm an old weaver, a spider-priest who has surrounded himself with his own web-fortress of crystal ... of the purest, most opaque, incomprehensible and impenetrable kind. The Major Arcana permeate and weave the subtleties of my soul.

I like to surf with my ink between the white and the black and amongst the 1000 grays between. Every thought is a tarot card; every emotion is the Fool, the Hermit, the Chariot, the World, the Moon ....

The Tarot of the Yellow Vortex is my wonderful game of Indian Black Ink. Night becomes a long eternal day; shadows that accompany my thinking and my art.

The Tarot of the Yellow Vortex shows me the way to never find myself and always lose myself. An absurd alchemy of improbable gestures. My web of which only I have the key which I have lost. Without knowing how, where, when. Waiting for the me that I've lost. My birth and my death, colored in white and black. My inks are my Tarot cards and the game starts every day as a wonderful shamanic journey. A meditative trance shaped as a brush that thirsts for black and white.


  • Number of Cards: 22 Major Arcana + Numbered Title Card
  • Cards Numbered with Roman Numerals, Titles in English
  • Medium: Freestyle Designs Drawn with Indian Ink
  • Leaflet: Written by Claudio Parentela in Italian or English (by request)
  • Cards on Matte Cardstock
  • Card Back Design: Blank - Reversible
  • Card Size: 6" H x 4" W, - 15 x 10 Cm
  • Limited to 100 Decks, Numbered & Signed by Publisher, Morena Poltronieri
  • Comes in Stained Wooden Box with Title Card attached with Museum's Hot Wax Seal


Claudio Parentela

Artist's Personal Website

Claudio Parentela's site (which is no less intense) to view more of his wild & captivating art [1]

Deck Theme

Divine Doodles in Indian Ink


Fall, 2013


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